Saturday, November 24, 2007

We have enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving Holiday with Amy, and the puppies. We thought of those who couldn't be with us and look forward to times together in the future. We are thankful that Amy could come from Austin for Thanksgiving. We always have a wonderful time together. We missed Emily & Glenn but we are so very thankful that Emily has started a new job which appears to be promising. We all have so much to be thankful for. Wish we could have seen Anntee, Gary, Tre' and Carla as well as Grandma, Kevin, Jeff & Family. Also our extended family and friends. But we are thankful for those of us who were together and for being able to keep in touch with the others more easily than in the past. Thank you technology!Amy & I cooked a delicious dinner complete with turkey, dressing, dumplings, asparagus, green peas, fruit salad and rolls. It was yummy. We ate it for our evening meal, as we took our time visiting earlier. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we drove to Houston in the afternoon. We ate lunch at a neat restaurant called Goode Company Seafood. It was delicious. John ate mesquite grilled shrimp and redfish. Amy had grilled, bacan wrapped shrimp in a special ginger sauce. I had fried shrimp & oysters. Nice. We wished for Em & Glenn. Then we went to the Fish Gallery, the Train Shop, Urban Outfitters and Texas Art Supply.We were pretty lazy today, getting out just to go out this evening for Mexican Food. It has been very cold and rainy all day. A good day to stay in and watch old movies! I have included pics of Amy working on the fruit salad, Amy in Urban Outfitters taking to Em on the cell phone, the three of us at Goode Co. Seafood and Molly trying to talk Daddy out of his lunch...She was ONLY trying to help!
by Artforlife

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Molly at Barnaby' Molly herself!

Saturday was a fun day. Much to my surprise, my Grandparents invited ME to go to Houston for the afternoon with them! Holly was green with envy... but she & PSue ARE mere dogs... I am a little girl! The ride was fun..I looked out the car window for the first few miles... perched on my Grammies shoulder like a parrot. It was fun watching the trees go by. Our first stop was a place called "Fish Gallery"... Wow... lots of fishies swimming about! Everyone liked me there...(of course!) It was fun because I got to walk on their tile floor.. Mr. Steve said that I could. Then we went to a big store with all kinds of wierd stuff inside...called "Texas Art Supply" Mom kept looking at paper of different types... while Grampy carried me about. He wanted me to sit in the baby seat of a basket...hmmmph... not Molly! I do have my dignity! His arm got a little tired before Gram's picked out all of the stuff she came for.. A lot of humans got a chance to see me which was nice for them. I even let a few of them pet me if they asked nicely. They seemed to think I was a dog.. silly humans... :-) Next stop: BARNABY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite! I thought of the first time we went there, and missed my Emily. We actually found the place once when Em & I had flown from Tulsa to Houston. We were all hungry and were thrilled to find a restaurant which WELCOMED doggy customers. So this is my third visit to Barnaby's. It was named for the owner's late, great Sheepdog, Barnaby. Last night was a nice night to sit on their patio. There were several other doggies nearby.. I wanted to bark to say hello, but I was promptly shushed! Well...gotta run... I have a lot to do...

I love you Emily & Glenn. Miss you bunches!

xoxo MOLLYxoxoxo

PS...Here are some pics of Barnaby's .... for your viewing pleasure!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Peggy Sue's far...

The Posse with Dad

The Posse with Mom

Let's Go to the DOG DISH!

Hop in...I'll drive this time! Having a good time but I miss you! Wish you were here.
I love you, Glenn & Emily! Cavie Kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Molly :o)

Ready to Go to Work!